Vivian bra
Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra Vivian bra

Vivian bra

53,00 €
Including VAT. 24 %
Delivery time 14 - 21 workdays

THIS IS A MADE TO MEASURE PRODUCT, it will be made after purchase and the delivery time is minimum 2-3 weeks depending on the line of work. If you are in a rush with your order and need it in less than 2 weeks, we will add anoter 20% to the bill, please contact us via e-mail if you need the speedy delivery.

The seductive Vivian bra is a combination of mesh and another fabric to cover up all the critical areas! Vivian bra is suitable to wear on stage and in photoshoots but not necessarily as everyday bra especially if you have a larger chest. The straps are adjustable and the bra opens from the front. Olivia is wearing the bra in black mesh and black lycra.

Wide range of fabrics to choose from! Remember to choose both mesh and cover up fabric of your choice and colour of metal parts!

THIS PRODUCT IS MADE WITH CUSTOMER'S OWN MEASUREMENTS, please include the following measurement details on the "additional info" box (see info from the photos):

- M: height of the triangle you want from the top point underneath the breast

- N: lenght from the under the boob to the highest point of the breast(usually nipple)

- O: length of the side of the triangle

- L: width of the triangle across the breast through the highest point

- J: circumference from under the chest

- K: measurement from the highest point of the chest, through the neck to the highest point of the other breast


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