Made to measure products

From this category you will find all of our made to measure garments with a burlesque twist! Made to measure means that none of these products are ready in stock or have a certain sizing. All products are made AFTER the purchase has been made. The delivery time is minimum 2-3 weeks depending on the work load of that monent. If you are in a rush with your order and need to have it in less than 2 weeks, we will add another 20% to the price. Please contact us first via e-mail if you are in a rush with your order!

So why do we choose to sell products like this and not in the traditional way of having all the products in stock with various of sizes? Well first of all we want our customers to feel unique - since that is exactly what they are. We are not sizes S, M, L etc, we are sizes me and you. This is why we make all garments that fit our client - not the other way around. Secondly, we try to avoid making any clothes to this world that are not needed, so we are more than happy to make some, when YOU feel like you want the garment and are willing to take the measurements.